What is YouTube shorts and how do we use it.

What is YouTube shorts and how do we use it.

Today I am going to show you my post what is YouTube shorts and how do we use it. I will tell all of you about this in very easy language so that all of you can use it very easily.

First we will talk about what you tube shorts are and what and how it works. And what things we will need to work on it. And what are the reasons that today it is discussed everywhere.

What is you tube shorts

First of all let me tell you that this is a new feature of you tube which you tube has recently launched. To compete with tik tok app. You can use this feature very easily.

You tube shorts Feature

You Tube Shorts This is a feature of You Tube. Which has been launched by YouTube in recent times. There were some specific reasons for launching this feature. Which is mainly because you tube is competing with Tik Tok Shorts app and YouTube users have launched this feature on demand.

Today there is a trend of shorts video’s. Today this feature has become so popular. This is the reason why this feature will show you at the top on big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

How to use You Tube shorts

You can use you tube shorts very easily. You can use it very easily. But it also has some rules. We must use it according to these rules.

First of all we should upload a video of one minute or less.

The video we are uploading. Any music or video clip and any images are being used in it. It should be copyright free. So that the problem of copyright should not be created further.

And the video or image we are using. It does not use watermarks.

After uploading the video, after that we have to give the title very well. #Shorts should be placed at the end of the title. After this, we should give information about it in the description. So that our video comes in the feature of shorts.

So in this way you can use it which is very easy and simple way.

Benefits of you tube shorts

Now I will tell you about its benefits. By working on this feature we can earn money through this feature.

To earn money using this feature, two things have to be done. The first is 1000 subscribers and the second is 4000 hours of watch time, after completing which our channel gets monetized. Due to which our earning starts.

For this you should put at least 3 to 4 videos daily.

So in this way you can earn money through us through this YouTube shorts.

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